I get around in an electric wheelchair because I have had quadriplegia for nearly 50 years. This has resulted in having no finger movement and few arm muscles that function. I took up photography in 2002 in the naive belief that it would be relaxing and encourage me not to work so hard however the joys of photography took such a hold on me that I found I worked hard on my photography as well!

In 2002 I joined a Slide Folio and then the Electronic Digital Imaging Division of the Australian Photography Society. These introduced me to some of the top photographers around the country and lots of friendly and helpful members. Another great help in learning the basics of photography was Workshop Camera Club which is noteworthy in Western Australia for meeting weekly.

Portraits, macro and experimental images interest me greatly as do images that tell a story - particularly a story that matters. However recently I have been seeking to create images that are not like my traditional photographs. (See my APS gallery for my traditional photography). Images that I have not seen anywhere else. Images that burst with colour and shapes (see Wild Animals).

To contact me?  Email me at deschamp@iinet.net.au

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